The poor boy Louis Vuitton by virtue of their craft, the Queen's clothes neatly tied in a suitcase. Because of this, from the countryside to the young Louis quickly get the attention and trust queen jenny. Process for the Queen's service, and travelers from Louis Vuitton's attention. When the transportation revolution be just unfolding, louis vuitton neverfull, louis vuitton neverfull mm, louis vuitton neverfull gm, louis vuitton neverfull pm, take the train to become travelers, the most popular choice, but it also gives them a great deal of trouble: not travel box clothes get wrinkled, is packages luggage on the train bumps in a fall. Louis Vuitton thinks he can for more people to avoid travel to worry about, for the end of 1854 for the court to service work, founded in Paris in the first leather shop, the main products are flat trunk lid.

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